Frequently asked questions

Do you have long term contracts?

No. As an enrolled student, of course we expect tuition to be paid regularly, by the month. But, karate is not for everyone. If you are not happy with our school for any reason, we will not hold you to any additional payments.

How young can children start karate?

In general, we find that seven years old is a good age to start. But, we understand that children are all different. Some kids as young as five can be very successful in our classes. Come and try two free weeks of classes and see how it goes!

Am I too old to start training in karate?

You're never too old. As an adult, you are mature enough to understand that you're not competing against other people - you are only trying to continually improve yourself. Most Okinawan masters are still going strong into their eighties and nineties! You'll never know how far you can get until you start. And we all have to start somewhere.

Will I get hurt?

Let's be real, we are talking about martial arts. Part of the idea is to train in case you ever have to actually be in a violent situation. We train so that we try never to be in those situations. Conditioning your body and mind to withstand pain, and feeling the pain of techniques so that you understand them, is integral to training in our system. Of course, safety is paramount. Training in karate doesn't mean that you will always win every fight. But, as our friends say, train hard so that hopefully you can fight easy.

How quickly can I become a black belt?

This is a common question, and the answer is, "it depends." We are not a cookie-cutter school out to make money by forcing students through testing when they are not ready to move up in rank. We take our students' training and our own integrity seriously. We don't give out rank to those who don't deserve it. If you respect the school and its teachers, and you commit to diligent training, you will progress. Remember that there are ten ranks of black belt. Earning a black belt only means that you are ready to really start learning the intricacies and the art of what we have to teach. True learning takes a lifetime - being a black belt is a journey, not a destination.

What benefits can I expect for kids?

Karate begins and ends with respect. It's just one of the reasons why we bow. Understanding respect is one of the most important aspects of what we teach at Teller's Okinawan Karate Academy. Discipline comes with progression through our program - both how to follow directions and how to master one's self. We don't compete against each other, we only strive to improve ourselves every day.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Nothing to start, just some comfortable, loose clothing. Come try two weeks of free classes and see if our school is for you. When the time comes, we will help you obtain a karate uniform ("gi"), a school patch, a belt ("obi"), and sparring gear and weapons.


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