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At Shinjikan Karate Center located in Pottstown PA, our martial arts school is based upon Okinawan traditional karate, highly focused on self-defense techniques. Karate classes strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences in a positive learning environment. The hardest the first.


School Philosophy 

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.”

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The Ten Guiding Principles

1. When entering a dojo and asking to be taught, be free from prejudice and be submissive so that you will accept the teachings as shown. This will help you to not establish bad habits. 2. Observe respect toward the Master and superiors. Also be courteous to fellow students and followers. Strive to develop the virtue of humbleness. 3. A healthy body can be obtained through constant training. Cultivate the spirit of perseverance. 4. Strive to be a warrior for the construction of a peaceful and free world through the character building, morality, and spirituality obtained by learning the way of karate. 5. In daily conduct, do not engage in fights or arguments, always be prudent. 6. In actual training move up from easy to difficult, and from the simple to the complicated. More time and hard work will be required for repetitious and continuous training. Never hurry but strive for gradual development, and never engage in senseless or reckless practice. 7. Become familiar with the use of the makiwara and other training equipment. Train yourself to use your fist or other parts. Be patient and earnestly study the kata or matches. Never aim for hurried success. 8. It has been said that it takes three years to comprehend a kata. In ancient days, a master studied a single kata for ten years. There is no time limit for a kata to be improved. Never be proud, even if much is accomplished. Pride hurts achievement in virtue as well as technique and will become like a poison. 9. Be cautious in training, do not develop a favorite technique or it may become a weakness. Be careful not to become too theoretical or technical. 10. Any question should be freely asked. Always strive to understand what is being taught.


Okinawa - The birthplace of Karate


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